Jan Tönsmann's fast motion showreel, featuring work in which he was an active professional, as a Senior Compositor, VFX Supervisor, and Creative & Technical Consultant, over 15 years.

A realization specialist, creative and finishing artist, his work below showcases conceptualization, pre-production planning and development, on set supervision, post-production realization and finishing, whilst working his best managing specialized teams, bridging various working disciplines to achieve results, and consulting by invitation from established clients, producers, and companies.

He's available for hire on a variety of challenging visual projects, from media campaigns, to feature films, "special" and extremely large format productions, which ideally blend the creative and technical processes in a new way forward, and broaden the boundaries of visualized imagination.

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VFX Showreel 1996-2010 from Jan Tönsmann on Vimeo

This archived showreel features work produced between 1996-2010, for clients such as Lamborghini (Sehsucht), Sony (JWT), Scarlet (Beyenmeyer), Greenpeace (Hallelujah), Matt Pokora (EMI), Audi R8 (Hectic Paris), Nederland 3 (Hectic Electric), McDonalds (SZM), ProSieben (SZM), Vodafone (Hectic Paris), etc. . . And features compositing and sequence supervising feature film work produced for movies such as Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban, and many others. Even more minutes of archived reel projects exist, missing from this fast one.

This showreel features the track "Take Me Into Your Skin" by Trentemoller.

Further examples of his recent work:

2009 - Jan was involved for several months in initial consultations for an unusual and very high-resolution project, the Saudi Arabia pavilion, to be built for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, featuring the world's largest single projection screen composed of 20+ HD projections.

His report was used as the basis of evaluating the actual production, technical, and budgeting requirements, for creating and producing content for such a large screen, and to give the client a clear direction in how to realize their vision. Inside the pavilion, as it has now been completed, the actual enormous featured screen can be seen in these YouTube clips:

Related archived work:

2008 - Flame Artist for the Chevrolet "Captiva" European Campaign, see

2008 - See the brief 10 minute "making of" Nederland 3 TV's campaign "Zie Je Op 3"

2005 until 2007 - Jan co-owned a creative VFX company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by the name of 3120. Follow this link, for an archive of 3120's last website, featuring the "Orca" viral created for Greenpeace Music.

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